Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I got back yesterday from four days in Ireland - a bit of work in Dublin on Friday, after which Mr F joined me and we spent a very pleasant weekend in Bray in County Wicklow. It is a typical out of season seaside resort, but I like that sort of thing.

The cultural highlight of the weekend was a visit to the Hardy Har Comedy Club in the Harbour Bar in Bray. Topping the bill on Saturday was Keith Anderson, not a name that I was previously familiar with although he has apparently been around for a while. And very good he was too, especially in contrast to the three warm-up acts who were all pretty dire. Despite the venue being a tiny room in the back of a pub and there being no more than twenty of us there he really threw himself into it with tremendous energy.

Here is Keith in action (note: he is not a midget, that is a giant cardboard cut-out bottle of Bavaria beer - or "Bav" as they call it in Bray):

And it appears that one of the twenty of us was recording the gig because it is on YouTube. Here is Part One. If you like this then Google "Keith Anderson Bray" and you'll find Parts Two and Three. Warning: Keith's comedy is what you might call "challenging". If you are easily offended or of a delicate constitution you may want to skip this.

I didn't get any CDs in Ireland as they are prohibitively expensive. Books, if anything, are even worse - odd for a country with such a fantastic musical and literary heritage but there you go. So I don't have any new purchases to share with you. Instead, here are some musical Keiths:

"I Specialise In Good Girls" - Keith Alexander

"I'm Easy" - Keith Carradine (from "Nashville")

"On A Saturday" - Keith West

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