Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Still Playing Possum

It's been far too long since we had some outright country music misery on here. Let's put that right with the best in the business, the late, great George Jones.

"These Days (I Barely Get By)" - George Jones

"King Of The Mountain" - George Jones

 George may feel that he can't be the king of the mountain when he's a fool on the hill. But you can be both!

Friday, 2 December 2016

1989 Time

To ease you into the weekend, three top tunes from 1989, as featured on Volume 7 of Jet Star Records excellent "Reggae Hits" series - the "Now!" of reggae. Something for everyone.

"Zigitup" - Ninjaman & Flourgon

"Take You To The Dance" - Anthony Malvo & Daddy Lizard

"Extra Classic, Super Fantastic" - Vivian Jones

I strongly doubt whether Vivian had this hit from the same year in mind when naming his song. But I may be wrong.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Wal's All Right

Some blissful Brazilian sounds from 1974, about which I know nothing except I like them a lot.

For obvious reasons, today's post is dedicated to my friend Gabriela, the Barnacle Queen of Belem.

"O Viajante" - Wal Santana

"Sorriso De Gabriela" - Wal Santana

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Pogoing in Pamplona

I've just returned from a week working in Madrid and Paris. It's a tough old life. I didn't get much time to go browsing record shops, but a quick trip to FNAC in Madrid yielded some goodies, most notably the magnificently named "Pink! Pank! Punk! (Volumen 1)".

It is a three CD compilation of early 1980s Spanish punk - 15 bands, 65 tracks. Not speaking the language I am unable to fully appreciate the biting humour and stinging social commentary than undoubtedly permeates the lyrics of all 65, but I don't think even a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish is needed to work out what these three are about.

"Ataque Preventivo de la URSS" - Polanski Y El Ardor

"Aqui Esta El IV Reich" - Conservantes Adulterados

"Oh No, Policia En Accion" - Eskorbuto

As fun as they are, they were not the musical highlight of my trip to Madrid. Strolling through the district of Lavapies last Sunday evening in search of a beer and a bite to eat, my friend and I stumbled upon this gentleman singing in a humble bar. His dress sense, his hairstyle, and most of all his singing, made him instantly a new hero of mine. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the mighty El Rumbero de la Vallecas, accompanied by his son Amilio on guitar:

Friday, 18 November 2016

Winter Drawers On

I don't know how it is round your way, but here in Goggins Towers the nights are getting cold. It may soon be time for me to follow the example of Annie and Leona and get out my thermal underwear (which I assume must be what they are referring to). Annie even appears to be able to plug hers into the mains!

"Annie Got Hot Pants Power" - Syl Johnson

"Country Girl With Hot Pants On" - Leona Williams

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Leon Russell R.I.P.

A brief and inadequate tribute to the mighty Leon Russell, who has had the double misfortune of passing away and doing so when many people may have been too busy paying tribute to Leonard Cohen to notice. Let's hope he's made it back to the island.

"Back To The Island" - Leon Russell

"Hummingbird" - Leon Russell

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Mauritius in Megadrive

The estimable folks at Strut Records have released a compilation called "Soul Sok Sega", a compilation of sega music, a style that is/ was indigenous to Mauritius. The CD features records from the 1970s, when sega was apparently at the peak of its popularity and creativity.

At twenty tracks, the CD is probably a good half a dozen or so tracks too long, but there is some good stuff on there. Today we feature the wonderfully wonky title track, and an excellent contribution from one Claudio Veeraragoo, a famed innovator who added some Bollywood and qawwali elements to the music.

"Soul Sok Sega" - Ti L'Afrique

"Bhai Aboo" - Claudio

It is a well-known fact that the citizens of Mauritius are known as Maurices. This gent may well have been honorary citizens.