Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Golden Oldies Part 2

This is the second part of a two part series in which we raid the 27Leggies vaults and repost some of our early mp3s in order to bring them to a wider audience.

It is also likely to be my last post for a couple of weeks. BA cabin crew permitting, tomorrow I am off to Cape Town for a gathering of Gogginses. While there I will also do my best to track down some more Tsonga Disco to delight you with.

To tide you over, here are five blasts from the past:
  • Some groovy psychedelic sounds from Peru.
"Suavecito" - Traffic Sound (1971)
  • Some "freakbeat" (as they seem to call it these days) from Lebanon, which became a much covered garage band standard in Turkey. Also one of my favourite singles of all time.
"For Your Information" - The Cedars (1967)
  • A bit of old hippy nonsense.
"Cosmic Surfer" - Quintessence (1972)
  • A dancefloor filler from the forgotten king of South African soul.
"Freak Out With Botsotso" - Mpharanyana (197?)
  • And finally, a treat from the wizard of whistle himself, Roger Whittaker. Our campaign to get him inducted into the International Whistling Hall of Fame never got very far. Maybe we would be more successful if we tried again now that we have a wider and more international readershp. Let me know if you are for it and I will get something organised. Can we do it? In the words of Barack Obama, yes we can.
"Mistral" - Roger Whittaker (1969)

And to finish, here's a real treat for you. Mr Randolph Rose with "La La La Love Song" back in 1975. In German. With a great tie. And a miserable looking woman in a floral dress giving him a rose. How can you fail to love it?

And if you thought that was good, his rendition of "Sylvia's Mutter" isn't. It peaks very early when he trips over his mike cable. This was put on to YouTube by a lady called Jelena. She has left the box in which you are meant to describe the video blank, so all it says is "Click to add a description". I can see why words failed her.

I feel a Randolph Rose season coming on... but you'll have to wait until I'm back. Have fun in the meantime.

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