Monday, 10 May 2010

Afropop 1: Pat Shange

A pleasure deferred, but not for long. Today is the first of two posts bringing you some 1980s Afropop from South Africa.

Pat Shange started off as a relatively traditional mbaqanga singer. In the mid 1980s, perhaps inspired by the success of the Soul Brothers, he moved into mbaqanga-soul territory. He kept moving until he went right out the other side, arriving at pure pop. He had many hits in this style in the late 1980s and 1990s, including major smashes with the likes of "Casanova" and "Undecided Divorce Case". Here are a couple of selections from the 1998 compilation, "The Best of Pat Shange". Very good, but very much of their time.

"Sweet Mama" - Pat Shange

"Coming Home From The Mines" - Pat Shange

If I ever had reason to draw up a list of my favourite Disco Pats, Mr Shange would be in the top three along with these two fellows:


  1. Interested to know more about this legend famously known as 'Isihlabani'. He has done justice to his talent. anytime baby is one of my favourite. # king Mavuthela

  2. My question is: this man Pat Shange is he alive?

  3. I also want to know if Pat Shange is alive. One of my biggest music from Uganda!