Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Opening The Vaults

This will be my last post for a couple of weeks. I am heading off to South Africa this afternoon for a major Goggins family event and a bit of a holiday. Obviously I hope to dig out some more Tsonga Disco while I am there.

To tide you over, we are opening the vaults (there was a sort of clue in the title, I suppose). The link below takes you through to all 100+ Tsonga tracks that we have posted here since the blog started a couple of years ago. So for all you fans of Peta Teanet, Paul Ndlovu, Penny Penny, Joe Shirimani, General Muzka and the rest of the gang - fill your boots!

Hours and hours of Tsonga Disco fun

And as if that wasn't generous enough, here is a small selection of assorted other groovy African sounds.

"Vimado Wingnan" - El Rego & Ses Commandos (Benin)

"Tiyi Hobvu" - Zexie Manatsa & The Green Arrows (Zimbabwe)

"N'Kanou" - Sonia Carre d'As (Burkina Faso)

"Emonsou" - Alice Dekessa (Cote d'Ivoire)

"Nadina" - M'bilia Bel with Tabu Ley & Afrisa International (D.R. Congo)

"Gumba Gumba" - Cannonball Adderley

I realise Cannonball Adderley himself is not an African, but the song is by the great South African composer, singer, jazzman and all round top dude, Caiphus Semenya. I will have to do a special on him when I get back but in the meantime, here he is in concert with his missus, Letta Mbulu.

And we finish off with the traditional "Ernie's off on his hols" clip. Have fun, see you in a couple of weeks.

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