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Friday 29 April 2011

Shake to Araby

I have finally got around to listening to the assorted Arabic CDs I picked up in Saudi Arabia a little while ago. To be honest most of them are not really my cup of tea, but here are a few of the more entertaining moments.

Pick of the bunch is possibly this track from Syrian singer Majd El Kasem. I can't tell you the name of the album, as apart from his name everything else is written only in Arabic, but the cover features him modelling a rather smart black jersey.

"Ya Janat Syria" - Majh El Kasem

Next we have some Saudi hip hop for you. The title apparently means "Arabic Dude", and it can be found on Nabeel Rojeh's self-titled album, released last year.

"Shab Araby" - Nabeel Rojeh

Mishal Al Arouj is, I think, from Kuwait. This comes from his 2010 album "M Style".

"Al Hareem" - Mishal Al Arouj

Next up is Mansour Al Mohanadi from Qatar. This track is from his 2006 album "Fi Zemmetak".

"Al Khaizran" - Mansour Al Mohanadi

Rounding things off we have Iraqi guitar god Saif Shaheen. His 2006 album "Yaretak" is the only one I am likely to listen to all the way through again. It is mostly pretty mellow - think Arabic-tinged Gary Moore. This track is completely atypical but very, very groovy.

"As'al Alihaa" - Saif Shaheen

Here is the video for that last one.

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