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Thursday 21 July 2011

Only Love...

The previous post featured a couple of albums I received via ReviewShine. Another gem that came my way by the same route is "Anybody's Darlin'", an excellent seven track mini-album from Kelsey Waldon. Kelsey is from Kentucky, but now based in Nashville, and has a really appealing voice. The album comprises six strong originals, mostly straightforward old-fashioned country with touches of alt-country and bluegrass (for example on "Whole Lotta Things" which features the stalwart Tim O'Brien), and a very nice cover version of Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart".

I think I may own more versions of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" than just about any other song. There are eight versions on my iPod, and I am fairly sure there are more tucked away in the dustier corners of my record collection. I assume you all have Neil's original, but here are the other seven. There is a little something for everyone - pop, country, crooning, cod-reggae (with accordions), even a Spanish version. But if I had to pick one I'd probably go for Psychic TV - one of Genesis P. Orridge's finest moments.

"Only Love Can Break Your Heart" - Kelsey Waldon   

"Only Love Can Break Your Heart" - Saint Etienne

 "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" - Psychic TV

"Only Love Can Break Your Heart" - Joe Dolan

"Only Love Can Break Your Heart" - Darling New Neighbors

"Only Love Can Break Your Heart" - Jackie DeShannon

"Only Love Can Break Your Heart" - Joan Bibiloni

There are some pretty dreadful versions out there as well. Take this effort by Elkie Brooks, for example.

I wonder if Elkie Brooks is related to Rebekah Brooks? The same surname, similar hair, both responsible for acts that offend all right-minded people...


  1. Elkie Brooks is the BEST female singer, from the U.K .P.S. her hair is NOT red. Eye test ??

  2. Sad drag,I strongly sugggest a hearing test also, lol.Elkie is a great singer.

  3. Who can take a person ,that looks as bad as you , take your comments seriously.At least Elkie Brooks has talent.

  4. Are you trying to get atttention, by being negative. SAD. Elkie Brooks has a great talent.You call yourself right- minded. LOL

  5. Elkie's version of this might be to your liking, so what!!! Elkie has an awesome voice.

  6. That was meant to be NOT to your liking so what !!! Elkie is fab.

  7. Good selection. I agree about Elkie. Could just listen to 10 seconds of it before hitting the stop button.
    Try to find the version by "Killed by 9V Batteries".
    Especially the last minute of their version is fantastic.

  8. I heared the version by 9V Batteries . Tragic stuff.
    10 seconds is before Elkie's voice comes in,maybe you should have listened to Elkie's voice before passing stupid judgement.

  9. YOU !! right minded lol