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Sunday 4 September 2011

Soul On Sunday

We have some top quality 1970s soul for you today from Mr Garland Green. Best known for his 1969 hit "Jealous Kind Of Fella", he was never able to capitalise on it in terms of chart success but continued to make great music for many years.

Here are three selections from an excellent 24-track compilation called "The Very Best of Garland Green" that came out on Kent Records a few years back. It ought to be required listening for any soul fan.

"Just My Way Of Loving You" - Garland Green

"I've Quit Running The Streets" - Garland Green

"You Played On A Player" - Garland Green

According to his Wikipedia entry, earlier this year Garland signed a contract with CDS Records, a soul label based in California, to release a new album. While it would be great it that is true I don't know whether this is reliable. There is no mention of it on the CDS website. CDS have however just released the latest record by Carl Sims. Here is Carl in action.

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