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Sunday 5 February 2012

Generation Wow!

I am slowly working my way through a huge backlog of CDs I picked up on assorted travels over the last six months or so. I am regularly coming across things I had completely forgotten buying, which is nice because I get the pleasure of the purchase all over again.

One example is "Generation Gaou", a 2003 pop compilation from Cote d'Ivoire which I acquired in Paris last September. Magic System are probably the best known act on there, but there is a lot of good stuff and it is all pretty jolly. These three examples should help shake the snow from your boots.

"Zuitte Dans Ca" - Cheela

"Clokpa" - Didier Bile

"Sounkraya" - Pacific

For today's clip, here's a little something that came on in the pub last night. We'll dedicate this to Lesley, the finest landlady in this part of the world, on the occasion of her 21st birthday.

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