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Sunday 21 April 2013

Popping Out For Sunday Lunch

Over the last few days I been making a concerted effort to reduce the huge pile of CDs I have bought but not got round to listening to before it causes permanent structural damage to my shelf. During this morning's shift three that seemed to go together fairly well came off the pile in a row, so I thought I would use them for today's post and pretend it was planned.

First up was "In Our Bedroom After The War", the 2007 album by Stars. The title track is an absolute classic, the rest of it is pretty good as well. Next was "Intro 2007", a sampler of artists whose records were released on the Popfrenzy label in Australia and NZ. It includes the likes of Camera Obscura and Of Montreal, as well as the two featured here.

And finally, purchased in Gare Midi in Brussels for €1, was a greatest hits compilation by Belgian 90s popsters Pop in Wonderland. This cover version of an old Melanie hit, on which they are joined by the lady herself, was top three in Belgium in 1995. So now you know.

"Today Will Be Better, I Swear" - Stars

"Can't See Your Face No More" - David Vandervelde

"Little Things That Tear Us Apart" - Irene

"Beautiful People" - Pop in Wonderland (featuring Melanie)

That's not a bad Melanie cover. This is the best one though.

This, on the other hand, isn't. When I was about 12 I saw this lot in a double bill with Leapy Lee. A formative experience.

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