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Tuesday 21 May 2013

The Bums Of Wexford

Morning dudes and lady dudes. I'm back from a week in Moscow, Dublin and Wexford. I did not have time to go music shopping in the first two, but while trawling through the charity shops of old Wexford town I came across a 1998 EP by a local band called D'Harma Bums. We give you the lead off track.

As a bonus I have added a few more recently acquired treats for you. In order, they are: some Thai and Bulgarian pop, some German hip-hop (requested by Mr F), and a Greek singer-songwriter of my acquaintance.

"I Don't Know" - D'harma Bums

"Roo Tua Reu Plow" - Christine Chirawongviroj

"Izberi Si" - Veselina

"Das Dynamische Duo" - Cheech & Iakone

"24,000 Pilgrims" - Stilpon

Other musical sons of Wexford include the mighty Pierce Turner and the unfortunate Ryan Dolan, whose last place in Eurovision this weekend was a travesty. He deserved more points for the giant drums alone.

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