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Sunday 9 June 2013

Greensleeves Gone Mad

I have an announcement. I have fallen in love (again). This time, with a man.

His name is Matthias. He does promo work for Greensleeves and VP Records and he sends me the most wonderful things. Deep down inside I know he's seeing other bloggers, but as long as he keeps showering me with gifts I'm willing to overlook that.

This month he has excelled himself. Greensleeves have released four 40 track compilations under the "Total Reggae" banner: one each for roots, dancehall, ragga and what they call "Chart Hits" (by which they mean reggae covers of chart hits). As if that wasn't enough, each of them sells for less than £6! You can see the track listing at the Greensleeves blog, but if I were you I would just go and buy them now. When I went on Amazon earlier all of them were showing "nearly out of stock".

Also out via Greensleeves this month, and equally excellent, is "The Ladies at Joe Gibbs" which, as the name implies, features Joe Gibbs produced female singers, all from the 1970s and 1980s I think. From that album, here is Hortense Ellis reworking a soul standard. And from the "Chart Hits" album, you've got Beres Hammond doing the same.

"I Can't Stand The Rain" - Hortense Ellis

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" - Beres Hammond

Stevie is still the best though...

Until he gets his mates in. This is pretty awful. Apart from the man himself, Mary J Blige is about the only one who has any idea what she's doing.

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