Thursday, 18 July 2013

Oldies But Goodies

I'm off on my hols tomorrow, back in ten days or so. I'll leave with you a selection of songs I featured in the first few months of 27 Leggies' existence that are worth another listen.

There is all sorts in here: Singapore 1960s beat, African reggae, Trini soca, Spanish rumba, British samba, Welsh folkies and some old hippy nonsense. One of these tracks has a particular significance for this blog. The first person to work out which one it is and why will get a prize of some sort.

"Hanky Panky" - Rita Chao & The Quests

"Breakin' Down" - Julia & Co

"Wine And Bend Over" - Ghetto Flex & Denise Belfon

"Dame De Beber" - Los Chunquitos

"Angus Of Aberdeen" - Beacon Street Union

"They'm" - Rainbow Ffolly

"N'sselibessè" - Fatan Kwass

"Y Brawd Houdini" - Meic Stevens

I'm off to tropical Devon. They have tors rather than volcanoes, but when the fracking starts, who knows?


  1. Rainbow Ffolly - first ever track on 27Leggies

  2. You are half right - right track, wrong reason. Try harder. I've told you this countless times in the pub I'm sure.

  3. Well it also includes the line "27 Leggies..."

  4. That's it! Well done for remembering something I told you. I'll bring you back a stick of rock or something as a prize. Do you think they still do sticks of rock?

  5. Thanks. One quibble: Beacon Street Union (not Incident)