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Monday 12 August 2013

Tsonga Month: Maluleke Monday

If you move beyond the Tsonga disco and electro scene into the more traditional Tsonga sounds, two names keep cropping up: Maluleke and Chauke. They are like the Hatfields and McCoys of Limpopo Province, although hopefully without the feuding. Thomas, the big cheese of the Chauke clan, is married to a Maluleke woman which suggests they are on friendly terms, although Thomas is married to so many women that it may just have been an administrative error.

We will come back to the Chaukes later in the month, but today we have a multitude of Malulekes. We start with the daddy of them all, George (28 albums and counting), followed by Alpheus (who must be well into double figures himself by now). And then we round things off with some Lesser Spotted Malulekes.

"Kubebula Imaxangu" - George Maluleke & Va'Wana'ti Sisters

"Vana Va Swisiwana" - Alpheus Maluleke & Ntlaveni Brothers

"Vakukwani" - Eckson Maluleke

"Papa Sibongile" - Wilson Maluleke & Mikoki Ladies

"Joni Ra Tika" - John Maluleke

Before finishing up for the day, let us spare a thought for our Australian readers in these difficult times.

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