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Thursday 5 December 2013

Bonnie Lassies

The Bert Jansch tribute concert at the Festival Hall on Tuesday was a great night. It was good to see some old favourites (Donovan, Beverley Martyn) and acquire a new one (Lisa Knapp). But if I could only pick one highlight it would be Bonnie Dobson, Robert Plant and Danny Thompson's version of Bonnie's classic "Morning Dew".

"Morning Dew" is Bonnie's best known song, but she made plenty of other good recordings back in the day, including these two Jackson C. Frank covers. She is alleged to be working on a new album.

"Milk And Honey" - Bonnie Dobson

"You Never Wanted Me" - Bonnie Dobson

As a bit of bonus, here are some other Bonnies for you.

"Too Long At The Fair" - Bonnie Raitt

"You're Gonna Love Yourself In The Morning" - Bonnie Koloc

"Where's Eddie?" - Bonnie Bramlett

And where is the bonniest of all, you ask? Why, here she is with the old Welsh Elvis himself.