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Sunday 19 January 2014

Backroom Boys

As singers, Prince Phillip Mitchell and George Soule had only limited success. When it comes to writing songs for other people, though, that's another matter. All soul fans will be familiar with Millie Jackson's "Hurt So Good", Mel & Tim's "Starting All Over Again" (both by Prince Phillip) and Percy Sledge's mighty "I'll Be Your Everything" (by George).

There are couple of great albums available featuring demos they recorded of their songs with the aim of drumming up interest, mostly from the early to mid 1970s - "Pick Hit Of The Week" (Mitchell) and "Let Me Be A Man" (Soule). Listening to them makes their lack of success as performers even more inexplicable.

Here are a couple of corkers from each album.

"Pick Hit Of The Week" - Prince Phillip Mitchell

"I'd Still Be There" - Prince Phillip Mitchell

"If You Really Love Him" - George Soule

"I'm Only Human" - George Soule

Some great hair in the first video. But what on earth have they used as Percy's backdrop? It seems to be half a giant plastic head with a motorbike where it's chin should be.

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  1. Was listening to I'm Only Human just the other day and thinking how fantastic it was.He sings it and anither two on the Country Soul Rview's Testifying. Tremendous stuff