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Friday 4 April 2014

A Carol For All Seasons

You lot think of me as an international taste maker and surfer of the zeitgeist. Which is fair enough. But in what is laughably called "real life" I also double up as a dull office worker.

The lady who looks after me in that capacity is called Carol and, with the exception of dear old Mother Goggins, she is probably the nicest woman it has ever been my pleasure to know. Many is the time I have found myself saying, in the words of the Gladiators, "Hello Carol, I'm depending on you". This is for her.

"Hello Carol" - The Gladiators

"My Carol" - Mark Olson

"Oh Carol" - Las Hermanas Jimenez

"Sister Carol" - Barrington Levy


  1. I almost asked if the singer in Smokie went on to jopin AC/DC. But taht would have been completely stupid of me.

  2. Have you been drinking, George?

  3. Norman in AC/DC? That would be a travesty.