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Sunday 1 February 2015

Single Song Sunday

Rod McKuen died earlier in the week. I was never particularly a fan, but he did write at least one absolute classic, "Love's Been Good To Me". So to mark his passing, here are a few versions. To be honest, Frank Sinatra's is so perfect you don't really need any others, but they are all worth a listen. Sonny Wong provides the designated reggae version, not that any reggae-fication is particularly noticeable.

"Love's Been Good To Me" - Frank Sinatra

"Love's Been Good To Me" - Tom Jones

"Love's Been Good To Me" - Johnny Cash

"Love's Been Good To Me" - Sonny Wong

This was Rod's biggest hit. All together now, "We had joy, we had fun, we had Tottenham on the run..."


  1. Seasons In The Sun, it's just too sickly-syrupy-twee, isn't it? Sonny Wong seems to sing a bit of key at times. Johnny Cash version surely the best, though Ernie.

  2. ...All her eyes were tender, all her arms were warm....did I hear that correctly? What the hell was he singing about?