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Thursday 26 March 2015

Frizzie & Nancy

As surfers of the zeitgeist go I am barely out of the paddling pool, but every now and then I find myself befriended by someone who spends most of their time out riding the big waves - Awesome Tapes, Mama Coconut, Helen McCookerybook, the list is ended.

So I was delighted recently to find myself "linked in" to DJ Frizzie, Nigeria's No. 1 Female DJ. Frizzie is the queen of her craft, as you will find out if you check out some of the mixes she has generously made available on her website. And her gifts are not limited to music. She is also an environmental engineering graduate, which means that Sister Nancy's boast that she was the only woman DJ with a degree is no longer true (if it ever was).

"Only Woman D.J. With Degree" - Sister Nancy

"Coward Of The County" - Sister Nancy

In "Coward of the County", Sister Nancy not only from the Kenny Rogers' classic but also from "In The Ghetto" and - er - "Banana Boat Song". Here are the originals.

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