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Tuesday 14 April 2015

Percy Sledge R.I.P.

I had hoped my first post after my holidays would be a chirpy one - perhaps one of the 15 Tsonga CDs I picked up while in South Africa - but sadly not. Instead we need to pay tribute to the great Percy Sledge, who passed away earlier today at the age of 74.

Because of the ubiquity of "When A Man Loves A Woman", Percy is sometimes thought of as a one-song man. Nothing could be further from the truth. He made some of the best soul records in the business, one of which - his version of George Soule's "I'll Be Your Everything" - is a serious contender for the first dance when me and the next Mrs Goggins tie the knot. Here it is, with a few other personal favourites. There are many, many more I could have chosen.

"I'll Be Your Everything" - Percy Sledge

"You Got Away With Love" - Percy Sledge

"First You Cry" - Percy Sledge

"If This Is The Last Time" - Percy Sledge


  1. Welcome back Ernie
    Nice tribute
    I went for the ubiquitous option

    1. There is a good reason why it is ubiquitous though, isn't there?

  2. A nicely put together tribute.

  3. Great tribute. "Warm & Tender Love" is my all-time favourite Percy Sledge song.