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Monday 18 May 2015

From Basildon to Riga

I mentioned in my last post that a Goth record shop employee in Riga had recommended a band that he described as "the Latvian Depeche Mode". Since then I have been inundated with requests to feature them (well, I had one comment from George).

The good news is that we are doing exactly that today. The band in question is Jumprava, formed in 1984 and still going strong. The album I bought is a compilation of their work from 1984 to 1987.

The bad news - which I would have known had I taken the trouble to read their Wikipedia entry first - is that it was only after some line-up changes in 1987 that Jumprava adopted the musical style that led them to be compared to Basildon's finest. "Sestdiena" is about the only track on the album where you can hear any sort of resemblance.

Prior to that they would be better described as the Latvian Thompson Twins. I could not ask any of you to listen to that, so instead we have "Teatris" which has traces of a Latvian China Crisis.

"Sestdiena" - Jumprava

"Teatris" - Jumprava

If you are looking for proper Depeche Mode inspired music, try this lot from Bogota. I just can't get enough of them.


  1. Jumpravado sound like the Depechies (as they're never ever called) on Sestdiana. And Teatris is a lot lighter sounding. That DMK video is bloody brilliant. Absolute genius!!!!!! I'm currently watching Enjoy the Silence, is even better!

  2. And this video is even better. It's got some kazoo-playing:

    Did you know that in Paris there's an erotica museum called DMK?

    (Too much time on my hands, Ernie)