Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Bobster

Last night we were in the Eleanor Arms finalising plans to get George Clinton and Parliament to perform there - Leslie reckons we could just about squeeze the Mothership into the parking bay. During a break in the planning, Frankie kindly leant me a 1993 single by Ultramarine featuring Robert Wyatt on vocals. Here it is, along with two more Wyatt collaborations.

"Kingdom" - Ultramarine

"The Doubtful Guest" - Michael Mantler

"The Winds Of Change" - Robert Wyatt & The SWAPO Singers

Robert had a minor hit in the 1970s with his version of Chris Andrews' "Yesterday Man". But for the best in Chris Andrews' cover versions, Bernd Spier is your man.


  1. That Bernd video is very very similar to stuff we get on TV here, although not in German, and with far fewer Germans in the crowd. I find myself quite liking the song. Winds Of Change still sounds joyous, doesn't it?

  2. George, the more you tell us about the music scene round your way, the quicker it moves up mu list of holiday destinations

    1. After about 10 minutes of Pimba it gets a bit tedious. Unlike today's song from Zimbabwe. Re. pimba, there's only so much bad dancing and scantily clad men and women I can put up with............unless it's me dancing in my pants.....