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Tuesday 27 October 2015

Some Velvet Evening

Sunday night found me and Mister F at the Barbican for an evening celebrating the songs of Lee Hazlewood. After a slightly slow start, things got better and better. Caitlin Rose and Josh T. Pearson (in the picture) were the star turns, with Gemma Ray and Kathryn Williams not far behind. It is probably best to draw a discreet veil over the bloke from Travis's ill-advised attempt at "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'".

Here are a few choice morsels from the great man himself.

"Ten Or Eleven Towns Ago" - Lee Hazlewood

"You Look Like A Lady" - Lee Hazlewood

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  1. Props to Ren Harvieu as well, not to forget to mention Ed Harcourt and band (featuring members of Portishead, The Magic Numbers, Polar Bear and The Bad Seeds), but especially the arrangements by Amy Langley which brought the songs to life.