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Saturday 7 November 2015

Hopping In Hispaniola

I dropped into a few charity shops while in Canterbury earlier in the week, and in one of them I found somebody's discarded collection of "Rough Guide" CDs. As they were a pound a pop I bought a few, and can particularly recommend the Haiti compilation, from whence these tracks came.

"Marassa Elu" - RAM

"Gacon Bozo" - Coupé Cloué

I tried to find a clip of Steely Dan performing "Haitian Divorce" but failed. Never mind, though, because this is much better. Here is Steely Jam, live in front of a small but privileged audience in Playa Vista, CA.

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  1. Do I really see security guards near the stage? Anyway never mind that, just HOW GOOD is Gacon Bozo? Well, I'll tell you - very very good.