Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tsonga Titan

Last time out in Tsonga Disco World, I mentioned George Maluleke, the leading light of one of the two great Tsonga musical dynasties. On that occasion he was involved as producer, this time he is performing in his own right. Backed up as always by the redoubtable Van'wanati Sisters, here are a couple of tracks from his 26th album, "Byelo Khokholo". That's right, 26th. And this came out in 2010. He must be up to 30 by now.

"Timhisi" - George Maluleke & Van'Wanati Sisters 

 "Leswi Ungo Pfuka Ubombili" - George Maluleke & Van'Wanati Sisters 

Normally I spend hours agonising over the right choice of video to go with the songs. No need for that today, not when this bloke comes right after Mr Maluleke and the girls on my iPod playlist.

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