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Thursday 5 May 2016

It's Here, George!

Our regular reader George has been pestering me almost incessantly over the last week or so for a photo of the giant Genghiz Khan statue and some Mongolian throat singing. So here they are. The throat singing (or "khoomei" as they call it in Mongolia) comes courtesy of one Sereenen Bayasgalan. We have one track from the traditional end of the khoomei spectrum and the other from the pop end. The first one sounds rather like a Scotsman clearing his throat, which might explain why George is so keen.

"Khoomiin Turul" - Sereenen Bayasgalan

"Gariin Arvan Horuu" - Sereenen Bayasgalan

As far as I'm aware Sereenen Bayasgalan is no relation to acclaimed English actor Sereenen McKellen. Who by extraordinary coincidence appears in  today's video clip.


  1. That looks like an immense statue, Ernie. I particularly enjoyed that first one. Did you meet this bloke on your travels:

  2. Sadly not, George. He is rather fantastic isn't he?

  3. If that statue was in Glasgow there would be a police cone on the horses hesd,_Glasgow

    1. Imagine the size of the cone. The statue is 40 metres high