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Sunday 13 November 2016

Mauritius in Megadrive

The estimable folks at Strut Records have released a compilation called "Soul Sok Sega", a compilation of sega music, a style that is/ was indigenous to Mauritius. The CD features records from the 1970s, when sega was apparently at the peak of its popularity and creativity.

At twenty tracks, the CD is probably a good half a dozen or so tracks too long, but there is some good stuff on there. Today we feature the wonderfully wonky title track, and an excellent contribution from one Claudio Veeraragoo, a famed innovator who added some Bollywood and qawwali elements to the music.

"Soul Sok Sega" - Ti L'Afrique

"Bhai Aboo" - Claudio

It is a well-known fact that the citizens of Mauritius are known as Maurices. This gent may well have been honorary citizens.

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