Sunday, 2 April 2017

A Garland For Garland

I went to my gig of the year to date last night. After stopping for a pint in a sports bar that our resident punk historian (Mister F) told me used to be the Nashville Rooms, we ventured a few hundred yards further into the badlands of West Kensington. There we found an unobtrusive doorway next to the Sainsbury Extra, and in we went.

Upstairs was a great little venue called Nell's Jazz and Blues, and on stage - once they had made him some temporary stairs - was a great little performer, the utterly magnificent Garland Jeffreys.

Mr Jeffreys and his excellent band are over here promoting his new album, "14 Steps to Harlem", which comes out at the end of April. The man himself reckons it is his best album since "Ghost Writer" way back in 1977. Judging by the tracks from it that he played last night, he may well be right.

I suggest you rush out and buy it as soon as it becomes available. To keep you are going until then here are a couple of old favourites and - because I'm in a good mood - a bonus, unrelated Garland.

"Wild In The Streets" - Garland Jeffreys

"New York Skyline" - Garland Jeffreys

"It Rained Forty Days And Nights" - Garland Green


  1. The Nashville Rooms started off as a country music venue before becoming a key venue for pub-rock, punk and new wave. Nice potted history and photo of it now can be found here:

    Also more on its punk days here:

    Quite appropriate then that Mr Garland was referencing Mr Strummer.

  2. No hat-trick of Garlands? (I'm glad you didn't go for the easy way and post a Judy Garland...). The first track was particularly good, and the third one's not too shabby either.