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Saturday 24 June 2017

Up Our Ali

To ease you into Saturday evening, here's a couple of tracks from smooth Pakistani popster, Ali Haider. Both are from his 2004 album "Tera Naam Liya To?". The first appears to have nicked a riff off George Michael's "Faith" while the second sounds like he has roped in Tom Petty or someone of that ilk, but don't let that put you off.

"Dildaar" - Ali Haider

"Hum Tumhein Bhool Ke" - Ali Haider

And as a bonus treat, here is Ali way back in 1998 looking remarkably fresh-faced performing his biggest hit.


  1. Ernie, I think you've forgotten to post the video of Mr Haider from 1998

    1. It's falling to pieces round here, George. I definitely added it to the post, must have forgotten to click "save" or something. Anyway, it should be there now.

  2. I find myself really liking "Hum Tumhein Bhool Ke"

  3. And that was well worth the wait. Young Ali looks like he's having a great time.