Thursday, 5 April 2018

Junior Squared

A couple of cracking tunes from way back when courtesy of Little Junior Parker. I sort of suspect that "yo-yo" might be a euphemism for something less wholesome, but I couldn't swear to it.

"Annie Get Your Yo-Yo" - Little Junior Parker

"Peaches" - Little Junior Parker

Little Junior (or Junior as he became known when he got bigger) indirectly played a big part in launching the career of one Elvis Presley, being as he was the writer and original performer of "Mystery Train". I have searched in vain for a clip of him performing it, or indeed of anything at all, and have had to admit defeat. So here is another junior Parker instead.


  1. I thought this was the original by Junior Parker...or is it a later version?

    1. That's the right version. I was looking for a clip where you see him singing it live, which is where I failed