Tuesday, 24 July 2018

The Eternal Gods

First pickings from the Porto haul come from good old Gilberto Gil - specifically, his 1989 album "O Eterno Deus Mu Dança". 

"O Eterno Deus Mu Dança" - Gilberto Gil

"Baticum" - Gilberto Gil

From good old Gilberto Gil to good old Gilberto Sullivan. Call me a soppy old fool, but I love this song.


  1. o meu deu! Gilbert o'Sullivan auditioning for a role in a Tetley t-bag advert. Any Quim Barreiros purchases made?

    1. Sadly not, although you may enjoy "Biografia do Pop/ Rock" featuring top pop hits of the 60s and 70s from the likes of Os Beatniks, Corpo Diplomatico and Daniel Bacelar e Os Gentlemen

    2. ..those last two acts sound like they would have had state approval from Salazar...