Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Who Loves Me, Baby?

At the beginning of the year I finally got around to investing in one of those Flag Counter things to help me keep tabs on who was visiting here.

During an idle moment on Sunday evening I decided to work out where the blog's most ardent admirers were based. I went very methodically through the 95 countries on the list and divided the total population by the number of unique visitors from that country so far this year to work out where we were relatively most popular.

It turned out to be a home win. The UK topped the table, with one in every 28,000 residents having visited the site - that is very nearly everybody! The second and third placed countries are more surprising - New Zealand and Greenland - and the top ten is rounded off by Ireland, Australia, USA, South Africa, Botswana, Portugal and Canada.

My methodology may be flawed. There has only actually been one visitor from Greenland, but because there are just 56,000 of them in total they go straight in at number three. There has only been one visitor from Vietnam as well but, through no fault of their own, they find themselves being the sole representative of 96 million people. And as for Nigeria - nearly 200 million people and not one of them has popped in to say hello!

As a thank you to some of our most loyal supporters, here are some tunes from New Zealand, Greenland and Botswana (I am particularly thrilled to be able to feature one of the leading lights of Greenland's thriving hip hop scene). And to show there are no hard feelings, we've added some tracks from Vietnam and Nigeria too. Happy listening!

"She's A Mod" - Ray Columbus & The Invaders

"Inupiluaqqat" - Nuuk Posse

"Sengwenegwene" - Shumba Ratshege

"Mua Sai Gon, Mua Ha Noi" - Khanh Ly

"Boju Bari" - Orlando Julius