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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Topp Dogg

I don't have a bucket list, but if I did there would be one item less on it today.

As I may have mentioned here previously, I have been a massive fan of the great soul singer and producer Swamp Dogg for many years, but never expected I would get to see him live. If you'd told me that not only would that happen but it would be in a small venue within walking distance of my home I would have dismissed it as crazy talk.

That is, however, what happened last night. His only UK date on a short European tour - and according to the Great Man Himself his first UK gig for 40 years - was at the Rich Mix here in London's fashionable Bethnal Green. In front of what was a scandalously small crowd for an artist of his stature, he treated us to a fantastic show.

The band was in top form, and Swamp's voice is in remarkably good nick for a 76 year old. He worked the crowd like the professional he is, and his insights into matters of life and love were clearly hard-earned (if a little eccentric at times).

Here are three old favourites of mine, including his classic BeeGees cover which got extended to about 15 minutes last night as he made his stately way round the venue shaking each of us by the hand. We round things off with the video for one of the highlights of his current album, "Love, Loss And Auto-Tune".

"I'm So Happy" - Swamp Dogg 

"I Can't Stand To Hear Her Say Please" - Swamp Dogg 

"Got To Get A Message To You" - Swamp Dogg