Friday, 5 April 2019

Tejano Time

Saddle up your squeezebox, compadres, we're heading "South of the Border". That's the name of the compilation album these gems come from. I imagine there are probably hundreds of Tex-Mex compilations out there with the same name, but you can have plenty of fun while you're looking for the right one.

"Kranke" - Steve Jordan

"Joe's Special" - Conjunto Internacional

"Cactus Cumbia" - Janie C. Ramirez

These top tunes also give us the perfect excuse to feature the Texas Tornados, and a little extra Freddy too. Not that you ever need an excuse for either.


  1. I am simply awestruck by the majesty of Freddy's outfit

  2. Given the title of the first song I was half expecting to see a video of those two scottish twits of almost the same name. I am thanking the dear lord that this did not happen.

    1. I missed a trick there. That would have been literally fan-dabi-dozi.