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Thursday 20 June 2019

Specialist Subject

I have been accused of often featuring music on here that appeals only to niche tastes. I say accused, it was possibly meant as a compliment - I certainly took it that way.

Either way, what could be more niche than Grupo Niche, the salsa combo from Cali in Colombia. They started way back in 1978 and are still going strong even though their founder Jairo Varela passed away in 2012. Both today's tracks come from a 1994 compilation called simply "The Best". As Grupo Niche compilations go, its better than all the rest.

"La Negra No Quiere" - Grupo Niche

"Una Aventura" - Grupo Niche

You can thank (or blame) George for today's video. Last time out we featured the Soul Train dancers letting it all hang out to Disco Tex's "Get Dancin'", which prompted George to write in with the extraordinary claim that it had been the 82nd best selling single in Canada in 1975.

Obviously I had to check that out - he's right - which inevitably ended up wiht me frittering away valuable time looking through the rest of the top 100, telling myself it was "important research". To help justify that claim, here are the Soul Train gang again, this time strutting their stuff to No. 66.


  1. For those of you with nothing better to with your time I recommend listening to La Negra No Quiere whilst watching the video (no sound of course) Ernie provides (BT Express). They seem to go well together

    1. You're right. What led you to discover that? Please tell me you don't play the video and songs simultaneously every time I post in the hope that eventually it will work.

    2. PS I can report that it doesn't work with Ola Belle Reed and the Belle Stars

    3. Ernie, it was just a spur of the moment thing. I did enjoy the video, and the rhythm of the first track got me thinking........and I had nothing else that was urgent at the time.

  2. ..the video does not go well with the second track