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Tuesday 10 September 2019

The Sound Of Young Szczecin

We have some 1980s Polish indie-pop for you today, courtesy of Malarze i Żołnierze (which translates as Painters & Soldiers, a name very much of its time). Some of their influences are fairly easy to spot, but that does not diminish their music by any means. "Żółte Koszule" is a little jangly gem.

Because they've put me in a good mood, I've added a bonus track for you - some Polish ska from the 1960s. No, really.

"Żółte Koszule" - Malarze i Zolnierze

"Świadek" - Malarze i Zolnierze

"Dykcja Dla Wszystkich" - Tajfuny


  1. The Creation - WOW! That's a blast from the past. God, I feel old.

    1. Like the Creation you're not old, just timeless