Friday, 10 January 2020

Rolando Talks Trash

Imagine, if you will, someone introducing a piece of music to you with the words "This is full blast psychedelic Latin Cumbia Garage with a very cheesy touch of a 70s supermarket!". You might be inclined to dismiss them as excitable, pretentious or both. And you would usually be right.

Yet when used by a record company to describe "Bailazo", the 2015 album by Rolando Bruno, they are pretty much spot on. As they are for his 2019 album "El Mundo Está Cumbiando". Rolando himself calls it "Cumbia Trash". And that is good enough for me. 

Here is a track from each of those albums. You can get them both on Bandcamp if you click on the titles. I think you should.

"El Nomade" - Rolando Bruno

"Thai Cumbia" - Rolando Bruno

1 comment:

  1. Thai Cumbia, at the beginning, sounded a like a bad Santana tribute act. Although I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a good Santana tribute band......