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Wednesday 24 June 2020

More Sounds Of Now!

The lovely people in Promoland have been back in touch, sending me goodies to share with you. And this week's goodies are extra good.

"The Joy of Forgetting" is the new album by Allegra Krieger, a Florida-born Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, and its a cracking good listen. I'm not very good at describing why I like a record, as regular readers know, so let's just say she has a distinctive voice, strong songs and interesting arrangements that sound slightly off-kilter - making the album ideal listening for the off-kilter world we're living in at the moment.

"The Joy of Forgetting" itself isn't out until 7 August but the latest single "Welcome" came out last week, and here it is. Have a listen then head straight over to Allegra's Bandcamp page to pre-order the album. If you do that you'll get "Welcome" and the two earlier singles from the album for free straight away. Her earlier stuff is well worth a listen as well. 

According to the promo materials, Allegra is RIYL ("Recommended if you like" for those of you not up with tastemaker jargon) Sharon van Etten and Liz Phair. That's probably true, but for some reason the singer she reminds me of most is Devon Sproule. So here's a little bit of Devon as a bonus.

"The Warning Bell" - Devon Sproule


  1. I particularly liked Devon Sproule's (such a cool name - on a par with Tobin Sprout) Plea for a Good Night - will look out for her when record emporiums open up again

    1. We need to get them to team up and tour as Sprout & Sproule