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Wednesday 9 September 2020

The Sounds of Singapore

We bloggers are a needy bunch, forever checking for new comments or new viewers. I tend to check my view counter every hour on the hour day or two, and every time I do I find that I have had one visitor from Singapore that day.

I don't know whether it is the same person every time or whether the good citizens of Singapore are queuing up at an Internet cafe and taking it in turns to have a look. Whichever it is, I would like to thank them for their loyal support in the only way I know how.

We kick things off with two powerhouse Singaporean singers from the sixties, both backed by The Quests, the 'go to' band of the time. Then we have a hard-hitting piece from a band with a girl's name, and finish off with a man struggling with his cultural identity.

"Hanky Panky" - Rita Chao & The Quests

"Boom Boom" - Sakura Teng & The Quests

"Politician" - Tania

"Singapore Cowboy" - Matthew & The Mandarins

If you viewed this post in the first 30 minutes it was up you would have seen me enthusing about a video by The Quests, only to get a message that the owner had disabled it for use in other media when you tried to play it. Sorry about that. To make up for it, here is some more Sakura Teng - with lyrics so you can sing along.


  1. For a moment there I thought that Singapore was replacing us in the EU

    1. I realise I should probably have completed the EU tour first, but the way Baldrick Johnson and his pals are going the sooner we start buttering up other potential trade partners the better

  2. I havwe no idea what the Hanky Panky is. but I suppose doing a search for "Rita and hanky panky" might give me a clue.........

    1. And possibly a dawn raid from your local vice squad