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Wednesday 21 October 2020

Long Goodbye, Short Return

We finally finished our musical tour of the EU last week, which featured 133 songs from 27 countries. For a brief period we are making them all available at the link below. There truly is something for everyone, and very possibly a few things for nobody (Yes, I'm looking at you, Absymal Torment from Malta).

The Long Goodbye: The Complete Series

There is a big gaping hole in the middle of Continental Europe that we skirted round on our tour  without going in - Switzerland. To plug the gap, here are two tracks from my favourite Swiss band, one under each of their names. Dig the groovy whistling on "Die Matrosen", its like The Raincoats teamed up with Roger Whittaker.

"U" - Kleenex

"Die Matrosen" - LiLiPUT

Out on the unvisited fringes we find Iceland. If all was well with the world they would have romped home at this year's Eurovision with this splendid piece of pop.


  1. Have we voted to leave Eurovision too?

  2. Good news. Roger Whittaker is still alive! Shall we organise one of those online petition thingies asking for a WHittaker-The Raincoats recording session? Asking? NO! Demanding!

    1. Definitely if the great man is up to it. I think a remake of "No One's Little Girl" with Roger whistling the fiddle motif would be an absolute winner