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Friday 15 October 2021

Get Wells, Soon

We have have treated you to some Zamrock - the Zambian rock scene of the 1970s - a few times over the years. It has always gone down well, so I thought you might also enjoy some similar sounds from their southern neighbour.

The inexplicably named Wells Fargo were leading lights in the Zimrock movement (strictly speaking it was called Rhodesia then, but Rhodrock sounds faintly unsavoury). A few years ago the excellent Now Again label put out a compilation of their singles from 1976-77. It is called "Watch Out!" after their most popular song and it is available on Bandcamp. It's a cracker.  

"Coming Home" - Wells Fargo

"Bump Bump Babe" - Wells Fargo 

There are no videos of Wells Fargo in their pomp, but a couple of them feature in this mini-documentary about the scene that the label made to coincide with the reissue. And then, in an abrupt change of tone, a song that mentions the band. At least I think it is the band.

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