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Wednesday 19 January 2022

From Townes To Townes

According to my extensive records I've never featured Townes Van Zandt on here up to now. I'm not sure why - certainly not lack of appreciation, maybe I just thought other people had it covered. That Charity Chic is guaranteed to play him at least once a year, for example.  

I really ought to put it right, especially seeing as I managed to pick up a 4 CD box set comprising his first seven LPs and highlights from "Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas" for a mere £5 last year in a large barn near Preston that was full of bits and bobs. 

You'll all be familiar with the "hits", so here are couple of lesser known gems - one each from his 1972 albums "High, Low And In Between" and "The Late Great Townes Van Zandt".

"You Are Not Needed Now" - Townes Van Zandt

"Silver Ships Of Andilar" - Townes Van Zandt  

And here he is with a few of his fans.


  1. A fiver for a TVZ 4 CD set? That's the kind of bargain Charity Chic himself would be proud to uncover. Marvellous stuff.

    1. I learnt from the Master. The money I spent on my copy of 'Charity Chic's Guide to Rewarding Rummaging' has been earned back many times over.

  2. Sounds like a steal Ernie
    Not familiar with High, Low and Inbetween