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Tuesday 8 February 2022

Licks From The Kiks

If you haven't yet caught up with Japanese psychsters (is there such a word?) Kikagaku Moyo then you had better get a move on. They have recently announced that they will be disbanding at the end of the year after a farewell tour.

We have one track from each of their two most recent albums for you - "House In The Tall Grass" (2016) and "Masana Temples" (2018). Both are available on Bandcamp, as is a collaboration with Ryley Walker from last year. You can pay what you like for that and you get two tracks both of which are over 18 minutes long. Ideal for all you Monday morning types.

"Green Sugar" - Kikagaku Moyo

"Nazo Nazo" - Kikagaku Moyo

We'll leave you with some groovy Japanese sounds from the 70s.


  1. That last act features a grandson of a survivor of the Titanic (big boat not turgid film)