Wednesday, 13 July 2022

General Knowledge

We've been having a bit of a trip down Tsonga Memory Lane lately. It has been prompted by the fact that the great Penny Penny will be playing a gig in London early next month - tickets still available at time of going to press.  

Today we feature a gentleman who started out in the early 1990s when he was one of many who were inspired by Papa Penny - General Muzka. Eventually he became a Shangaan star in his own right and even made an album with his hero, the excellent "The King And The General". 

The General is still going strong and has now released over 20 albums as well as producing and championing the next generation of Tsonga talent in South Africa and Mozambique. We salute him.  

"Xisiwana" - General Muzka

"Sekeleka Uni Masadya" - General Muzka

And remember, eggs are magic!

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