Friday, 16 April 2010

Chauke Time 3: Themba

It's Themba time!! Son of Thomas, brother of Conny, and latterly a star in his own right.

Like his old Dad - and like Chicago - Themba gives all his albums the same name with a different number on the end. His most recent album is "Ntsena Volume 5". Here are a couple of tracks:

"Stokswit" - Themba Chauke

"Masilo" - Themba Chauke

"Ntsena Volume 4" is OK but I much prefer his previous album, which I find much catchier and more full of life. You can probably work out what it was called. Here are a couple of tracks for comparison purposes, see what you think:

"Sweswi Hi 2" - Themba Chauke

"Ni Pfunivu" - Themba Chauke

I have not been able to find any clips of Themba on YouTube so instead here is a clip of his afore-mentioned distant cousins, Chaukago, when they were good.

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