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Saturday 17 April 2010

Chauke Time 4: Best of the Rest

Following our posts on Thomas, Conny and Themba Chauke, you will be relieved to hear we are bringing this series on the first family of Tsonga music to a close with a round up of the others. There are a lot of them so let's press on without delay.

1. G. T. Chauke

I have G.T.' s album "Sapota No. 3", which I picked up cheap on a market stall in Cape Town recently. I have been able to find out next to nothing about him, not even whether he is directly related to the rest of them or just shares a surname. The album was produced by Moses Dlamini, best known for producing The Soul Brothers in the 1970s and 1980s. A feature on Moses written in 2003 refers to him having worked in the past with G.T. Chauke "at one time a serious threat to the famous Thomas Chauke". So although the CD I have was released in 2008 my guess is that it is a reissue.

"Rhandza Dyondzo" - G.T. Chauke

"Movha Wo Xonga" - G.T. Chauke

2. Flora Chauke

Flora is one of Thomas Chauke's backing singers, The Shinyori Sisters, making her either a wife or a daughter of his. She is also the featured vocalist on this track from "Shimatsatsa No. 26", released in 2006.

"Ho Ha Lahlana" - Thomas Chauke & Shinyori Sisters

The previous year Flora won the Best Female Artist award at the Xitsonga Music Awards with this track performed as Sunglen & Flora

"Swa Hina Swa Nyawula" - Sunglen & Flora

3. Patson Chauke

The Sunglen & Flora track was produced by Patson. He has also worked, amongst others, with Mr. Jambatani - a treat yet to come - and our old friend Penny Penny. This is one he produced for old Double P in 2005 (presumably while Joe Shirimani nipped out for a fag).

"Shilebula" - Penny Penny

That brings us to the end of our tour of the musical Chaukes. But before we close let us not forget those who also serve. Hammy (up for the SAMA award tonight along with Thomas and Conny), Ethel and Eva (yet more Shinyori Sisters), Mikhongelo and Lloyd (drummer and engineer on Conny's albums), Sarah and Sonny (backing singers for George Maluleke, who we will feature in the future and who is also up for the SAMA Award) - WE SALUTE YOU ALL.

With a degree of inevitability I have not been able to find clips of any of these Chaukes on YouTube. So instead here is something by their distant cousins Chaukery Tip. Just pretend it is Themba singing it to Thomas.


  1. thx 4 the tsonga tunes ..... always dancing to this typo muzik....meks me merry everytime.... bring us more tsonga disco and God bless

  2. penny penny rocks as well as thomas chauke.....bring us all u got on these guyz hahahaha.

  3. Glad you like it. We've got some Penny Penny and General Muzka coming up in a week or so.