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Friday 25 June 2010

Frenchy Ragga Time

Who could possibly resist an album called "Frenchy Ragga Dancehall Volume 2"? Not me, which is why I snapped it up when I saw it in the €3 rack at the record shop in Brussels Midi station the other day. There was no sign of Volume 1, unfortunately.

To be honest my taste in ragga and dancehall is very conservative, and Frenchiness I can pretty much take or leave. So I doubt I will be listening to the album very often. But there are a few half decent tracks on there, including one with a guest appearance by Bounty Killer (the only act I had heard of previously).

Here are a couple of selections, both originally released in 2006. According to the sleeve notes, Mighty Ki La is from Martinique and Krys from Guadeloupe. The origins of Blacko remain a mystery.

"D Haut Debats" - Mighty Ki La

"Etre Un Homme" - Blacko & Krys

In a similar style (or should that be "stylee"?) here are Desmond Dekker and Apache Indian. A mighty pair.

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