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Monday 9 August 2010

Reddy Or Not

During our brief stay in Brussels last week, Mr F and I wandered down to the Live Music Cafe on Rue Anspach to catch a band for free. With the free live music scene in London having been decimated in recent years, it is a real treat to be able to go to a bar and watch a decent band instead of some glorified karaoke act for a change.

The band in question were Jeanjou & Dieudos, who together with their drummer and sax player treated a (very) small but appreciative audience to some fine African sounds. Here are the lads in action.

My normal visit to Musicanova in Brussels to stock up on Congolese CDs wasn't a great success, as they were closed when we popped in. But I did manage to pick up "Likelemba", the new album by Reddy Amisi, at a shop round the corner. I unintentionally bartered the woman down from €15 to €10, and on first listen it is worth every penny. Here are a couple of selections.

"Generique" - Reddy Amisi

"Ndombele" - Reddy Amisi

Here is some earlier Reddy:

And some even earlier Reddy:

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