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Sunday 8 August 2010

Two Pints Of Schlager And A Slice Of Cheese

Mr F and I returned yesterday from a whistle-stop tour which took us from Antwerp to Cologne via Brussels, Maastricht and Monchengladbach, with brief side trips to Aachen and Dusseldorf thrown in as well. A good time was had by all, although I will be quite happy not to eat pork or pickled cabbage for a while.

Musically the pickings were pretty slim, although pickings there were. They included "Die Super Stimmungs Parade 2", a compilation of "Deutsches Gold" acquired for a couple of euros in the Cologne Oxfam shop. It is mostly rubbish, obviously, with a particular lowlight being a novelty single by Der Bomber himself, Gerd Muller - let us hope Miroslav Klose never gets the urge to record a hip-hop album - but not without its moments of sing-a-long fun. Here are a couple.

"Pretty Belinda" - Bernd Spier

"Jeder Tog Haf Neue Lieder" - Holger Terry

Lovers of cheese will have immediately recognised the second selection as a cover of the mighty Joe Dolan's "Sweet Little Rock 'n Roller". Here is Joe to show you how it should be done.

"Sweet Little Rock 'N Roller" - Joe Dolan

Although not on the album, here as a bonus is a classic slab of Schlager. This one is for John, Linda, Renato and all the gang at Dino's Bar.

"Silvermoon Baby" - Randolph Rose

There are plenty of clips of Randolph on YouTube, although none of him performing that particular smash unfortunately. But while searching for I came across something even more marvellous - the extraordinary Ilja Richter.

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