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Monday 27 September 2010

Mexican Frying An Egg

So was in the Bronx the other week, strolling up from Belmont to the Fordham Metro-North station, when I came across a man selling Mexican and other latin CDs for $5 a go. I bought a couple more or less at random, never having heard of most of the acts he stocked.

The first CD, by an Argentinian calling himself King Africa, was pretty awful - a South American version of that Austrian who did the dreadful remake of "Hey Baby". The second - a 1995 compilation called "Mas Furia De Los Exitos" - was much better. Released out of Miami on Rodven Records, with one exception it consists entirely of Mexican bands. The exception is the first of today's selections - Los Fantasmas Del Caribe from Venezuela.

"Celina" - Los Fantasmas Del Caribe

"Aguita De Melon" - Fito Olivares

As I say, the CD is pretty good. But I has been hoping for more traditionally Mexican. Like this.


  1. Why type of Mexican music are you looking for?

    The best Mexican music in my opinion would be Mariachi (60's - Now), boleros and trios (50s - 70s) Or Norteno and Tejano (70's - 90's)

    Vicente Fernandez
    Pepe Aguilar
    Mariachi Vargas

    Los Tres Panchos
    Los Tres Ases
    Los Tres Diamantes

    Los Relampagos Del Norte
    Ramon Ayala
    Cornelio Reyna
    Los Cadetes de Linares

  2. Thanks for the suggestions - I'll look into them.